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Join the thousands of others who own a Jimmy's Thunderbox!

This is the best damn crapper I have ever used. If you ever want a distributor in
the States, let me know.
United States.                       

I must say that short of an Auspit and a swag, your dunny is the best thing i've added to my
camping box of goodies. There is no better feeling than enjoying a nice morning movement while
looking over a picture perfect bend in the river while listening to the birds sing and watching nature
do it's thing.  Two thumbs up and thanks for bringing a homely feel to the outback.  All the best,

Thank you so much for making it very easy to purchase the Thunderbox. It arrived
safe and sound and was waiting for us when we got home. Its a beauty and we are very
impressed how well it is made. We look forward to going camping and giving it a try!! Good to
see a great product supported by a good company. keep up the good work.

Thanks for the info on your innovative camping toilet Certainly beats "squatting"
United States of America.

Ken was intrigued by our latest camping facility and the girls were impressed by our desire to
make life as easy as possible for them. Jimmy's Thunderbox camp toilet was a mega success.

I purchased one of these toilets about 12 months ago in Australia and it has been the best piece
of camping equipment I have come across and have the pleasure to use. They are strong, easy
to set up, space saving and really comfortable. Every camper should have one of these in my
opinion, they are fantastic!
New Zealand.

Hi Kym,
I've shown the camping toilet to several friends who are serious about camping, one who is a
Boy Scout leader and they all think it's a wonderful product. Have a great weekend.
United States of America.

You have one hell of a product at the right price, but it took 14 days to get here.
United States of America.

Hi Jimmy
Recently ordered a Thunderbox toilet to be shipped to the UK and felt I had to write you to tell
you how fantastic it is!!! We do airbrushed tattoos at all the music festivals so you can imagine
what a state the public loos get into, particularly by the second or third day.  We lined ours
with black bin liners and disposed of them as and when needed - worked a treat. It really saved
my life - what a star.  Unfortunately it's coming up to the end of our weather impoverished
summer here  (actually we've had a heatwave for the last month) but I still haven't stopped raving
about it. Expect lots of orders from the UK next year when it all kicks off again.
United Kingdom.

I have been camping for a while and we tried the toilet seat bag combo on the stand we tried the dig a hole and hang over a tree method even tried build your own type, but I found Jimmy's Thunderbox just before Xmas and got it to try out and I have to say best money I ever spent.
It all folds down and lives in the tool box and comes out and sits in a shower tent when in use.

Hi Kym
Just a short note to say that our thunderbox arrived this morning and we are very impressed,
the packing and fast delivery is A+. A pleasure to deal with. thank you.

I purchased a port-a-potty to ensure that I could get the 'minister for harmonious relations' to
travel / camp. It was used once and replaced by a Jimmy's Thunderbox. Also much research
and searching went into one of those spring loaded pop up do-das, however when informed that
the erecting and folding up of same was the 'minister for harmonious relations' responsibility,
guess what? Yep! a Jimmy's Thunderbox behind a nice bush suffices very well. It's an excellent
set-up and great on the knees.

Arrived 10 minutes ago. The product exceeded my expectations. Fantastic. I will recommend it.
PS. The service is great and best of all it is made here in Australia.

Hi Kym, It has arrived and what a great product!!! Sure beats just the hole!!! Thanks.

Hi Kym, I just got back from a 10 day desert camp in Southern Arizona. This is the best
damn crapper I have ever used!  Handled 5 of us with ease.
If you ever want a distributor in the States, let me know.
United States of America.

Dear guys
I wanted to write and congratulate you on a fantastic product, I cannot recommend your
product highly enough. Jimmy has changed camping for me for the better and the fact that
he folds down so compact and to an easy shape to pack is a huge bonus, the $95 I spent
on my Jimmy's Thunderbox was the best money I have spent on ANY camping product.
Please feel free to use this recommendation on your website for Jimmy. Thanks again.
Northam Western Australia.

Received my camping toilet yesterday, thanks a lot for the prompt service. Your camping toilet
is the best camping product I have seen for a long time, your web site and order form are so
simple to use. 10 out of 10. PS. I like your URL 2daloo.com it says it all.
Utah United States of America.

Dear Kym
I wish to thank you and Z X Industries, your product and service is one of the best i have come across. your product, "Jimmy's thunder box" has enabled us to travel places that would other wise been out. many thanks.
Victoria Australia.

I have had your Bush Dunny for several years now and I just had to let you know that as far as
bush dunny's go your dunny is the best I have ever used. For bush camping your camping toilet
is hassle free, easy to set up and takes up very little room, it really is the best bush dunny on
the market.
Northern Territory Australia.